Aluminé Guerrero

Aluminé Guerrero’s production is part of a new era of musicians who create a noble and sincere sound, a sensory sound whose lyrics awaken our imagination, consciousness and make us perceive all the living beings on our planet.

Aluminé Guerrero, argentinian Singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, transports us into a joyful and festive trance through the fusion of digital rhythms, charango chords, guitar, and pinkullo melodies. She offers a reinterpretation of Latin American folklore enriched with electronic elements and hip-hop, paying passionate homage to indigenous cultures. Her performance is an initiatory journey that, in addition to being profoundly musical, immerses us in a sensory and emotional universe, inviting us to join the dance.

With innate sensitivity, Aluminé conveys a deeply rooted nostalgia in her origins, urging us to keep moving forward, to embark on a journey for the love of the path, creating a neo-folklore of love letters to the territory accompanied

by contemporary and futuristic sounds.


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