Soema Montenegro

Born in Argentina, the singer, composer, and researcher of the Latin American and ancestral voice reaffirms her musical identity through the blending of landscapes, sonic and poetic experiences.

Soema finds inspiration from indigenous traditions and nature while continuing to remain relevant and innovative. Her enchanting theatrical and emotional narrative transcends language and invites listeners to immerse themself in her sonic universe.

It has received critical acclaim from international audiences around the world.

For more than 20 years, Soema has also stood out as an educator and vocal coach, conducting workshops, seminars, and master classes on her RESONANT SINGING vocal work method. In October 2023, Soema will release her fifth record, CIRCULO RADIANTE, produced and arranged by Leonardo Martinelli (Tremor),

a pioneer in the exploration of roots music and electronic techniques under the label MAISUM discos (UK). The Argentinian folkloric/experimental artist Soema Montenegro describes the album Círculo Radiante as an “embrace of the territory”;

an enveloping sound ode to the sounds of Latin America, its landscapes, and its people.




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