Los Aurora

Los Aurora is a flamenco-jazz group that revolutionized the national and international music scene with the release of their first album Aurora, with which they toured venues and festivals all over the world Corea, Canada, Chile, Hungary, Germany, Israel or Russia are some countries where Los Aurora have been already played. Their musical proposal, daring and personal, represents a blow of fresh air to a genre like flamenco. They cover the most popular flamenco songs, while evolving towards more bold languages that go beyond the most traditional sounds, until to merge with other genres. Los Aurora navigates between flamenco and jazz, rock and electronica, Lorca and Falla, traditional and contemporary.

“The Aurora, in fact, is the last yell for freedom within a genre that, for example, long ago lost the fear of expressing itself in communion with other genres.
Paco Sánchez Múgica, La Voz del Sur

Pere Martínez | voice
Max Villavecchia | piano
Javier Garrabella | bass
Joan Carles Marí | drums
Pol Jiménez | dance




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21/06/2024 12:00 am
13/08/2024 12:00 am
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