Flor de Lava

With only three songs published, Flor de Lava is already a consolidated band, with a clear proposal that speaks to thousands of people. The group is made up of six top-level Colombian musicians who coincided in time and space to heal by singing and heal by singing. The result is a fresh, vital, vibrant and eclectic proposal, which fuses folk with Latin, indie with author songs, and which puts women – and their pains and struggles and joy and strength – at the center, to celebrate and reflect on our time from there.
In 2023 they wrote their first album, of which they released a first acoustic version of some of its songs in March 2024, titled “El velo se cayó”. This release has had an unimaginable impact, and today it has reached almost 800,000 views on YouTube. Since then, they have published the acoustic versions of two more songs: “Llora” and “La Cumbia del Viento”, songs that together with ‘El velo se alcanza’ will be part of the band’s debut album that will be released in 2025.
These Releases mark a before and after in the project since the songs quickly went viral, reaching large audiences around the world.

Natalia Medina / voice, guitar
Brina Quoya / bass, guitar
Pilar Cabrera /electric and folk guitars, cajón
Sabi Satizabal / guitar, shaker
María McCausland / percussion, voice
Paula Van Hissenhoven / keyboard, cajón

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