Las Migas

Las Migas reach their 20th anniversary celebrating music with an extensive tour and a new album. Twenty years during which the band has never stopped growing, with several awards to their name including the Latin Grammy for the Best Flamenco Album that they won for their last work, Libres. Now they are finalizing the details of their next album and show, Rumberas, which will be presented in Barcelona on 5 April at the Empremtes Festival and on 21 June at the Universal Music Festival in Madrid. Furthermore, they will return to the United States in 2024, with a long series of concerts that will take them to cities such as New York, Portland, San Francisco and Chicago.

Rumberas is a tribute to rumba in all its varieties: Catalan, Cuban, flamenco rumba… And so you will find songs that conjure up figures such as Rosario, Lola Flores and Celia Cruz. Rumberas is an evocation, a call to the present, a song to life in feminine form.

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