Faneka will release her new albom soon. In this work the band, which is divided between Catalonia and Madrid, presents ten unreleased songs that mark the beginning of a new stage. Most of the songs are in Spanish (but also with some in Catalan, English and Galician) and Faneka share their particular musical world, which is inspired by Ibero-American folklore.

The new album features a bright, fresh sound, heartfelt lyrics and rich, highly effective instrumentation, further strengthened by the recent addition of Alan Denis on percussion. percussion. The result is an honest, imperfect, intuitive album – playful and a little adolescent. As one journalist aptly put it, “from the depths of the folk ocean” Faneka has succeeded in winning the minds, hearts and ears of a loyal audience.

Inés de Lis | voice, guitars
Anika | violin, voice, charango and percussion
Bruna González | cello, voice, charango and keyboard
Alan Denis | percussion and drums

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